Our Story

Peter and Una Rockliff together with their families have spent many decades perfecting their artisan tasting products.

Peter was born to fish, and in 1949 the first commercial fishing boat he established was called the ‘Alva’, after his mother. Peter travelled eastward along the coast of Tasmania looking for fish where he met Una Barnett, who was from a well-known fishing family in Bridport.

Peter & Una married soon after and joined their first names together to name one of their boats ‘Petuna’. Peter and Una continued to build upon their fishing interests and the next big milestone was the construction of Tasmania’s first deep sea fishing boat, the Petuna Endeavour in 1979. By 1990 the Rockliff’s had further broadened their fishing interests and expanded into Aquaculture.

Peter and Una’s work pioneering Petuna Ocean Trout and Petuna Atlantic Salmon in aquaculture has been recognised with an Order of Australia Medal.

Ocean Trout

Tasting Notes

Petuna Ocean Trout, the Wagyu of the Sea.™
With its vibrant intense colour, purity of flavour, and luscious marbling,
Petuna Ocean Trout has a creamy, succulent, and velvety texture.


  • Tetsuya’s Confit of Ocean Trout™

    Tetsuya’s widely acclaimed ‘Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout™’ is the world’s most photographed dish. The Petuna Ocean Trout™ has been the main ingredient in Tetsuya’s signature dish for over 20 years.

    “The Petuna Ocean Trout™ by Peter and Una Rockliff is the key ingredient in my signature dish. It is the dish that everyone wants to try when they come to my restaurant.  Its vibrant colour, purity of flavour and luscious marbled texture continues to shine and delight my patrons and guests” Tetsuya Wakuda.


    Showcased for the first time by Tetsuya at the Noosa International Food and Wine festival, Tetsuya’s Bon Bon of Petuna Ocean Trout is a beautiful  symphony of ingredients, textures and delicate flavours that deliver a real sensory treat.

    Specifically designed to be small, it was quite a challenging task which Tetsuya mastered in the most surprising expression.

Atlantic Salmon

Tasting Notes

Petuna Atlantic Salmon has a smooth and mild flavour with a delicate texture.
Rich in Omega 3 it is healthy as well as versatile, and can be barbequed,
baked, poached, smoked or served raw as sashimi.
Petuna Atlantic Salmon is a delicious accompaniment to any meal occasion.

Chef Friends

Tetsuya Wakuda

Tetsuya Wakuda grew up in the Japanese town of Hamamatsu in the Shizuoka Prefecture. Arriving in Australia in 1982, no-one would have ever imagined that he would become one of the nations most acclaimed chefs. Tetsuya’s unique style is the marrying of classical French technique with the Japanese philosophy of using natural and seasonal flavours. When selecting ingredients, Tetsuya has a great appreciation for quality, he is uncompromising. It is this style and the relentless pursuit of excellence which has made Tetsuya one of the most respected and beloved chefs world wide.

Peter Kuruvita

At Taste of Sydney

Peter Kuruvita has a reputation in the Australian culinary circle as an expert on seafood and has a strong stance on seafood sustainability.

Stephen Seckold

Flying Fish, Sydney

Stephen Seckold is the Head Chef at Flying Fish in Sydney and with a coveted Chef’s Hat, he delivers an innovative menu that flows with the seasons.